Best -China-Tibet If you would like to experience the best of China, this trip is tailored especially for you. The trip begins in Beijing with the tour of Tiananmen Square and world famous Great Wall. Take a high speed trainto Xian, the land of the Terracotta Warriors, then to Chengdu, famously known as a Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda Dujiangyan Base. Continue to in Guilin, a small city in southern China with most beautiful natural view, one of the must .. [Read More]
classic-yunana Yunnan's unique cities offer you a glimpse into China's ancientculture. The tour begins in Kunming with the tour of Stone Forest, the World Class Landscape Museum with countless stone pillars weathered into countless bizarre shapes. Wander the ancient, mystical streets of the Dali, and meet the Bai people with their ancient and fascinating culture. Continue to Lijiang & Zhongdian ( also known as Shangri La) where you will discover the mystery of Tibetan Buddhism by visiting the Gedan Songzanlin Monastery, the .. [Read More]
silk-route-of-china Silk Route or Silk Road was the ancient trade route through various regions of the Asian continent that connected China with Asia Minor and the Mediterranean. It has been in existence for centuries, and was the main trading route between Europe and the Far East. The trade on the Silk route was a significant factor in the development of the great civilizations. This tour will lead you along the Chinese portion of the Silk Route and you will enjoy the diverse .. [Read More]
If you are a person who enjoys freedom and flexibility while you travel, this is the ideal trip for you. It is now well known that the Chinese are advanced in their high speed traintechnology, and you will get to have a taste of their futuristic ideas while traveling the marvelous country by high speed train. This trip allows you to explore China to your own preference and likings, as you are going to have the freedom to choose the activities .. [Read More]
Mongolia Tour Package This Mongolia tour offers a comprehensive introduction to this varied, ancient and extraordinarily beautiful country Mongolia. Traveling overland in safari style, you will visit the ancient capital at Karakorum, where you will visit the legendary 15th century Erdene Zuu monastery. You will then visit the vast expanses of the Gobi Desert, where you will explore the glacial canyon of Yolyn Am, and the red cliffs of Bayanzag, where the world’s richest deposits of dinosaur fossils are found. You .. [Read More]