Myanmar Explorer

Hello Arun


I hope you are having a good holiday!  Of course the trip was FANTASTIC!  We just loved it..


The guides were wonderful.  We especially enjoyed  YuYu.  She has so much joy, and her enthusiasm about Myanmar is contagious.  We could not help but love everything that we saw with her.  I also especially appreciated Mr. Win.  He is more serious but so eager to teach us everything he knows. I learned tons from him!   Win Win is so lovely that we could not help but love her.  I would say generally that in all cases our guides were steeped, above all, in the tenets  of the Buddhist religion, its stories and symbols and teachings; I would have appreciated more history, culture and contemporary politics (about which they were most reluctant to comment.)


Bagan is spectacular, and our hotel there is gorgeous.  


Arun,   My son Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed everything we did and would heartily recommend Third Eye Travel and this trip in particular to anyone. All the arrangements, connections, hotels, flights and especially the guides were excellent.  And we thank you for providing us with an experience of a lifetime!


Warm regards,

Carol Skornicka
Milwaukee, WI

Trip: Explore Myanmar
Trip Date: December, 2014