Tibet is great contrast to Bhutan

I wanted to tell you what a good time we had on our trip last fall. Bhutan is such a baeutiful country with all the trees, wide glacial valleys and rivers. The people in Bhutan are so friendly and natural. The Thimpu Festival was so colorful. I enjoyed sitting on the ground with all the Bhutanese people packed around me. The festival in Bumthan was much more rural but we were realy up close to the dancers. We had such asn excellent guide, Tschtem, who really took good care of our every need. Our driver was superb sonsidering all the rain and muddy roads. We certainly sawa many dzongs and found each on different. The hike to Eagles nest was defintely a highlight. We were continually surprised at the hospitality of the guest houses we stayed in and had some excellent meals.    


Tibet is such contract to Bhutan with its high brown mountainsand beautiful blue sky. Since we were there after the harvest, we saw many people from the outlying area in Lhasa. Their colorful dress and jewelry as beautiful. Our guide was knowledgeble but had a very bad cold; he did his best under the circumstances. Seeing Mt. Everest was thrilling.    


By the time we got to India, we were wondering if it would be disappointment. Not so, We loved every minute of the India and saw so much n a short amount of time. It was great to be in Varanashi during a festival and having a morning and evening ride on the Ganges. The temple ruins in Khajuraho were fascinating. Of course, the Taj Mahal was highlight, but Jaipur and Delhi were interesting too. We both really enjoyed the Indian food. Our guides and drivers in each city were really good.  


All in all, we had a great trip and one we won't ever forget.

Debby & Jerry Goodel

Trip Date: January