classic-india A perfect blend of the more popular and the lesser-known but equally magical places in North and Central India. The tour unfolds a land steeped in history, religion, culture and architecture. From the grand Taj Mahal and the huge fort in Agra to the beautifullycarved erotic temples of the 10th century Chandela Kings and the memorable bathing ghats of Varanasi, on the banks of the holy Ganga, you will not just see it, you will experience the real heart of India. .. [Read More]
delhi-agra-jaipur If you have a short time while you are in South Asia, and like to experience a taste of India, ths is a perfect trip fo you. The Imperial monuments of India’s busy capital Delhi, the Royal Palaces, the ‘Pink’ city of Jaipur and the overwhelmingly beautiful Taj Mahal at Agra are the principal attractions of this trip. Though the best time to do this trip is from October to March, we can arrange this trip for you any day throughout .. [Read More]
india-bhutan This 14 day tour to Bhutan, Sikkim & Darjeeling and North India offers unique travel opportunity in the Himalayas. Geographical contrasts abound with a rich mixture of ecosystems ranging from sub tropical to the high mountain ranges, which hold a wide variety of endangered species, a wealth of flora and fauna, and the unique cultures and traditions of the people in the region. As one of the rarest and most unique of travel destinations, Bhutanoffers the experience of the Buddhist tradition .. [Read More]
This tour is a very good introduction to understand cultural as well as natural heritage of India. During the course of the tour you will visit Delhi, the capital of India, a cultural melting pot, where history has seamlessly given space to modernity without losing its identity. Agra, home to one of eight wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary, which is wintering ground for thousands of migrating birds. Migratory birds startflocking into India from October and .. [Read More]
There are some destinations in Rajasthan that are not so well-known to tourists, either them being out of the regular tourist circuits or due to lack of promotions. This tour is an effort to take you to some lesser known destinations in Rajasthan that are no second to popular ones. Also, during the tour, you will witness one of the most fascinating cattle fairs in the world. During the festival, peoplefrom nearby villages to far flunk places adorned in the most .. [Read More]
Discover the South India by visiting some of the India’s oldest towns, most beautiful medieval temples and backwater cruise in Kerala with the great scenery of lush green and deep blues. The tour begins with your arrival inChennai, a coastal city of South India, and driving to Mahabalipurm , a medieval town against the backdrop of blue ocean, and then to Pondicherry , a former French colony, presents an unusual combination of European culture and Indian traditions. Continue further to Chidambaram .. [Read More]
Ladakh, one time was a major stop on the wondrous Asian "Silk Route", has nowso many opportunities waiting for you. Besides the amazing scenery, you get to enjoy some of the spectacular monasteries, lake and learn more about the religion of Buddhism and local people. There is as much as optional camel riding. Don't wait before it gets too crowded with the tourists. Join nowwith a small groupfor your amazingtrip to Ladhak .. [Read More]
footsteps-buddha Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Packages If you are interested in visiting the ancient citiesthat are important and connected with the life of GautamBuddha for the scores of reasons,buddhist pilgrimage tour packages is a perfect trip for you! Your trip begins with an arrival in Delhi and then flight to Varanasi, where you'll visit some of the holy sites including Sarnath, where Buddha preached his first sermon as a Buddha. You will continue to Bodhagaya, the holiest of spots of Buddhism, as it .. [Read More]
This 11 days Cultural & Heritage tour of Bangladesh, not only provides you the opportunity to experience the daily life, culture and heritage of the people in Bangladesh, you also get a great opportunity to see the countryside, rural tribe and Sundarbans Forest closely. Begin your tour in Dhaka, the hustling and bustling capital of Bangladesh. Take a steamer to Mongla enjoying the countryside along the river ways. Take an excursion to Sundarbans forest, one of the world heritage sites. Continue .. [Read More]
Set off on a journey that covers just about everything - from Sri Lanka’s ancient kingdoms, to sojourning in the hills over a cup of Ceylon Tea before venturing into the wildlife parks and then strolling along the colonial fort. This holiday program was designed to give you a sense of how the nation of Sri Lanka has grown and changed over time. .. [Read More]