India & Sri Lanka Custom Tour

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We’ve traveled with Third Eye Travel twice now, once to Rajasthan and other parts of northern India for three weeks in 2014, and we’ve just recently returned from a month long trip (three weeks in southern India and a week in Sri Lanka) arranged by them and their outfitters in those two places. Third Eye Travel is tremendous. They arrange exactly what you request and have a seemingly endless list of worthwhile suggestions. If one is looking for a trip where everything has been put into place, you could not ask for more than what they do. It provides a completely worry free way of traveling. They paid a great deal of attention to our requests and shifting agendas. They secured great drivers and great local guides and worked with us to tailor our travel to what we asked for. We haven’t gone on their organized group trips, but instead sought individualized travel and they did the leg work. We completely recommend them.

Eileen Blossman
San Rafael, CA

Trip Date: February, 2019