Nepal & Bhutan Private Tour

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I am very honored to give Third Eye Travel my strongest recommendation to other travelers who want personal service, excellent flight connections, great tour guides and ground transportation, and wonderful accommodations. I had always wanted to tour northern India, Nepal and Bhutan but I quickly learned that putting together an itinerary, getting visas and arranging flights and hotels with meals was very difficult indeed. Then, fortunately through a friend, I learned about Third Eye Travel who specialized in the areas I wanted to visit.

Once I reached Third Eye Travel’s Sonam Chuki and Arun Dali I realized that not all travel agencies were alike. From the first conversation about my schedule and sites I wanted to see and places I wanted to visit and stay, I learned quickly that they really listen! Within a day or two they sent me a travel itinerary which was perfect. The flight schedule provided for extra time needed for transfers, the tickets were moderately priced-far below what I had found on various ticketing websites, the hotels were owned and operated by local families who spoke excellent English and provided super travel suggestions and delicious food. In fact, I would say that from the start of my experience with Third Eye Travel to my return, it was as if I was working with members of my own family who sincerely wanted my trip to be meaningful and comfortable.

Third Eye Travel goes beyond the concept of “you get what you pay far,” and goes the extra mile in providing visas and other travel documents long before departure. At Third Eye Travel, there was no question that was too basic or unimportant. It was because of Third Eye Travel’s dedication to customer needs that I can say the trip they provided for me was, without a doubt, one of the most meaningful experiences of my life.

My tour guide was amazing and along with our driver, have become lifelong friends. Even the airport pickups and transits to hotels were provided by drivers who could have been tour guides themselves as they welcomed me by name and had me at my hotel in minutes where I was once again welcomed warmly with very comfortable rooms and fantastic local cuisine. Those interested in not just sightseeing but learning and experiencing the cultures they visit will choose Third eye Travel.

Visiting India, Nepal and Bhutan through Third Eye Travel has to be one of best decisions of a lifetime, and I would be happy to share my experiences and encouragement not to put this opportunity off. At Third Eye Travel, you are not just a customer, but family and the product they provide is not just an itinerary and airplane tickets but an enriching experience that will last a lifetime. I would be pleased to be a reference for anyone interested in knowing more about my experiences and why I will return to Third Eye Travel for my travel needs.

Alan Flanders
Portsmouth, VA

Trip Date: October, 2017