Probably the best overseas travel

I wanted to put you all into one email thanking all of you for your efforts in making our trip to India and Bhutan probably the best overseas travel experience my wife and I have ever had.      


Our drivers and guides in Delhi were great and we got to explore much of the city. Manoj Rana went out of his way to check on how long we could keep our hotel room the night of our departure from Delhi. All the staff at the Metropolitan Hotel were helpful and friendly.Mr. Badoni responded immediately when I called with a question about our departure for the airport.      


In Darjeeling and Sikkim our guide Lochan took good care of us.   In Bhutan we really enjoyed our almost 2 weeks with guide Sangay and driver Kezang. They became almost like our adopted sons.      


Our travels from place to place were seamless. The right people were always at the right place to meet and take care of us. Considering our arrangements were handled by 4 different agencies this was really amazing. I enjoyed traveling independently from a group of American tourists since I didn't feel isolated from the cultures we were experiencing.      


Some hotel rooms outside of Delhi left a little to be desired, but we were prepared for that. Most importantly, the quality of the kitchens and food we were served were always of high quality. We never experienced any stomach problems, which is a credit to the places where we were eating. Food is more important than the quality of a hotel room.       


I'm left with all happy, pleasant memories which will last for my lifetime. Thank you all for our experience. As I consider other trips to Asia in the future I will be turning to you, and I've been recommending all of your services to traveling friends who followed our experiences by email.    


Trip: India, Sikkim, Bhutan  



David Marsh
Plymouth, WI

Trip Date: November, 2011