Privacy Policy

Third Eye Travel takes your privacy seriously and your personal information will not be sold or disclosed to third parties for commercial purpose. By registering with us you are voluntarily providing your personal data and you consent the use of information for making reservations and travel arrangements. We collect only pertinent information so we can offer you the services you have requested. We may request additional information which can help us provide you better service and for future bookings.


We value your opinions and comments or feedback used to improve our services. Participation in these surveys is completely voluntary and you may choose whether or not to disclose this information. We take every precaution to protect your personal information when you submit them online. All online information is stored on a secure database and the access to information password protected and restricted for use only by approved personnel.


When you register for Third Eye Community we will ask you to provide a screen name and password and your contact information. It is at your discretion to provide additional information which may help us enhance our service and for ease of online communication. When you want to share your experiences and pictures with others (friends), you determine who sees you pictures by the settings you select in your Third Eye Community account. We may ask for their email addresses if you choose to do so. We may use the information to ask them to join Third Eye Community and offer them our newsletters, special offers and updates on travel news.