Customized Tibet & Nepal

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You will NOT get a better trip OR better service than you will get from Third Eye. Sonam and Arun work tirelessly to ensure you will have a completely fulfilling trip. If I could give them 10 stars, I would. My 11/2018 trip to Tibet and Nepal was the highlight of my life.

I first tried going to Tibet 20 years ago, and the government closed the borders about 10 days before my departure. I have tried on-and-off since then to get to Tibet, but without luck. A few months ago, a friend called and said "Let's go to Tibet." He had previous positive experiences with Third Eye, so they were the obvious choice, and I am so intensely happy to have used them.

Third Eye did everything perfectly. Outstanding international flights and connections. Excellent in-country transportation. FOUR days before departure, I realized we were going to be in a given city, and there was something near there I had wanted to see for about 15 years. I emailed Arun (on a weekend no less) and he made it happen. Third Eye is totally responsive to its clients' needs and desires. 

Third Eye provided outstanding guides and drivers in every location. In Tibet, we had the best driver I have ever had, anywhere in the world (and I have been a lot of places). In addition to being a highly skilled driver, he was one of the kindest people I have ever met. Our guide was intensely knowledgeable about Tibetan history, Tibetan Buddhist history, and Buddhism in general. He made every temple, monastery, and site come alive. The guide's true devotion to the Buddha was inspirational. He made a trip into a true pilgrimage.

In summary, this road warrior can't recommend Third Eye highly enough. You will get personalized and caring service from knowledgeable, flexible professionals. I will use Third Eye again. And again. And again.

Celeste Campbell
Annapolis, MD

Trip Date: November, 2018