Wonderful trip

Hi Arun,


We got back on June 23. Had a wonderful trip. Everything that you arranged for us was terrific. The  agency in Vietnam was so helpful in getting us here and there- they even helped shlep our luggage through the train station, and made sure we were in good time. Really nice to have transport between train stations and hotels prearranged.


Highlights for us were: Halong Bay cruise- the Indochina Junk boat "Red Dragon" was super. Food awesome, accommodations gorgeous, guide really fun (although quirkiest sense of humor- took us a while to "get" him). As it was low season, our boat only had 1 other passenger besides us! We would have done 2 night cruise if we had known more about what to expect. Photo attached of us with our guide.


We also loved Sapa- the guide there was really great, and the trekking was surreal- just beautiful. The Victoria Hotel in Sapa was top notch (we also stayed at the Victoria in Hoi An, which was even more beautiful). And the weather in Sapa was completely clear and mild (about 80 degrees in the day)! Actually- we did not have any rain at all until we got to Siem Reap, where we had classic afternoon downpours. And the flights all worked out great- even the long layover in the Seoul airport, which has the best transit lounge ever (massage chairs, computers, showers, etc).


There was a tight connection as we flew from Danang to Siem Reap via Ho Chi Minh City- and Vietnam Airlines said we had to retrieve our luggage and re-check in at Ho Chi Minh City (we were certain we would miss our connection- only 50 minutes officially, and then the plane was late by about 15 minutes!). But they were great about it- they had an agent meet us, sat us in the front of the plane, had our luggage labeled priority and out of the plane super fast, hauled us over tot the international terminal and got us checked in and through custom/immigration and made the next flight- all in about 30 minutes.


Asiana airlines worked out for us well too- good food and classy service, although we froze in our tracks when we hear the ill-fated flight number on the news of the recent crash at SFO- that was our flight, 2 weeks earlier. Anyway- we loved the trip, and are super pleased with everything you helped us to arranged. Thanks again.

Trip - Customized Vietnam & Cambodia

Michelle Hecht
San Francisco, CA

Trip Date: June, 2013