North India

My wife and I recently completed our 3rd trip with Third Eye Travel, this time to the northern Himalayan region of India. We feel like we were cared for by family every step of the way. Our custom trip took us to Delhi, Amritsar, Dharamsala and Shimla, with 5 days overland through Himachal Pradesh, and a final 6 nights in Ladakh.


The local office in Delhi was in contact with our driver throughout our trip, checking to make sure all was well and that we were doing OK. When 2 different road closures forced changes in our itinerary, someone was always at work on our behalf to make the necessary adjustments. The guides and staff from local tour offices were always competent, friendly, and helpful.


This was an incredible experience for us with amazing scenery and culture. We will turn to Third Eye again for another authentic travel experience.


Trip: Customized North India/Ladhak

David Marsh
Plymouth, WI

Trip Date: June, 2013