Nothing But Positive Things to Say

Dear Arun,      


I wanted to give you my feedback on the trip which you arranged. I knew, considering the distance, the terrain of the countries (Tibet and Nepal) etc., that it would be a more difficult trip than most that I have taken. However, it was one that I have wanted to take for a long time. I found that the arrangements that you made, travel, hotels, guides, itinerary, etc., to be excellent. I was surprised that a tour could be set up where people were coming and going to and from the group at different times, yet each individual’s schedule never seemed to be interrupted. Even when it got to the point that I was the only one left of my original group, everything seemed to go along without any problems.      

As I told you, I had some time constraints for the trip since my wife has some health issues. You were able to set up a program that gave me a good overall look at the two countries and their cultures but did not keep me away from home for too long a time.        

I have nothing but positive things to say about the trip. I enjoyed getting to spend some time in the cities, Lhasa and Kathmandu, as well, as getting to see some of the countryside and smaller towns and villages. All of the people, with whom I had contact, were warm and helpful. The three nights that I stayed at Nagarkot and Dhulikhel near the end of the trip were relaxing and most enjoyable. The hike on the next to last day was rather difficult. Though I am in excellent physical condition, I was not very well prepared for the altitude and terrain. It is not easy to prepare for this type of hike when you live at sea level and have no hills to speak of within a hundred miles. I made it very well for the first five plus hours but the latter part was a little more difficult. All in all however, I would certainly want to take the hike if I made the trip again. It gave me an opportunity to see some spectacular scenery and to interact with my guides, two young men who took care of me as well as my own sons would have done.      


I do not anticipate travel in Asia again as I have been to most countries that I wanted to visit and am getting to the age that I plan to scale back on long distance travel. Travelers are always subject to change their minds, however. If I should want to make a trip to that part of the world again in the future you and Third Eye Travel will be my first option in planning for it. It was a pleasure to meet you in Kathmandu.Thanks for treating us to dinner and for your service in planning this trip.     



Therrell Luke
West Palm Beach, FL

Trip: Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan
Trip Date: September, 2010