Bhutan is indeed a world apart

It has been three months since our trip to Bhutan but its magic has not faded.   We chose Bhutan on the spur of the moment and are ever-so-grateful we did. We will never forget the beauty of the mountains, the magic of its culture, teh warmth (and  literacy !) of its people , the charm of teh national dress and architecture.  


Bhutan is indeed a world apart, and a world that inspires with its peacefulness and its ability to stay true to its own principles and outlook. We felt fortunate indeed to be in the good hands of Third Eye Travel.  


We had a teriffic young guide and a miraculously competent driver, both of whom helped us navigate the otherness of a nation so little known to outsiders like us.


Accomommodation were great for the most part, and even those that were less than great added to our understanding of Bhutan's still gradual opening to the outside world. The food was always good, and carefully adapted for western travellers (still, you have to watch out for those peppers !)  


We thank you and your staff from the bottom of our hearts for the care you invested in making our trip one of our very best.  


Thank you, too, for your sonsistent professionalism and your warm hopspitality in Thimpu.    

Most sincerely,

Beth Ashley
Novato, CA

Trip Date: January