Local Associates were excellent

Arun, Sonam. Thanks so much for everything. We had a GREAT trip and your local associates were excellent, on time and communicative about any problems. Kripa was especially helpful to us with everything from arranging a van with seat belts, to helping Kunga and Rinpoche change their train tickets from Dehli to Hubli and making all the airport connections work perfectly. I really appreciated your prompt replies to my e-mail inquiries, too. The only reason I ranked the hotels very good instead of excellent is no fault of yours. Poor Nepal with all the challenges that they face with the government in transition and electricity shortages meant that the guest house had particular challenges. Dwariki was eye poppingly beautiful and it was a wonderful way to end the trip to visit there. Senchen Guesthouse people were lovely and it was great to be so close to the stupa and to both Singye’s and Kunga’s families. The Fishtail was also fine with good safe food and water. We will definitely be in touch the next time we are planning a trip. It was SO MUCH EASIER having your help than trying to do it all myself. Thank you so much. Tashi Delek. Trip: Nepal Tour 19 Days Dec-Jan 2009

Ellen Leonard
Oakland, CA