Complicated Trip to plan and execute

My husband and I just got back from a 34 day Trip to Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and Myanmar. It was a complicated trip to plan and execute. Arun Dali, my husband and I worked for a year on this trip, entailing too many e-mails to count. We couldn't have worked with a nicer person. He always provided a response within 24 hours and took care of everything as I instructed. My husband and I had much input since we researched this trip extensively and even with that, there were things we would have changed.


These kinds of trips are too complicated for anything else, but we were glad we dealt with a person like Arun, so patient and helpful. He always provided us with the information we needed. I can say emphatically, he was a pleasure with whom to work.


Customized Trip:  Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan & Myanmar 

Valerie Huydic
Easton, CT

Trip Date: March, 2012