Hike was great, Wonderful Experience

Just wanted to let you know that Morgan and I had a wonderful trip. We enjoyed Nepal. Your guide, Kripa was a real pro and a font of information. The drivers were great and safely navigated an insane traffic situation. Nepal is such a geographically beautiful country. It's heartbreaking that it is so messed up politically. Unfortunately, the pollution (air and garbage) marred the beauty of Kathmandu and the trip to and from Chitwan (unbelievable constant string of black cloud belching diesel trucks). The several hours of breathing this was sickening. I think I would recommend flying in the future. It was sad because the landscape was so beautiful--reminiscent of the Ubud area in Bali. The waterfalls were extraordinary. But, I've never seen such a stream of truck traffic like this--not even on our interstates! Chitwan was great and the guide at Tharu was fabulous. The rooms were lovely and the food was exceptional. We could not have enjoyed our elephant safari more. We thoroughly enjoyed the delightful experience in the jungle--thank you for recommending Tharu. A country-wide strike was called (extraordinary that this could occur) so we could only stay one night at Chitwan. Apparently, passage on the roads were blocked and business were closed for a day, so we had to leave in the afternoon of our first full day. Morgan was disappointed that we missed out on a boat safari and another elephant ride. I convinced Kripa that I did not want to stay at Shangrila more than we had to and he agreed to arrange for us to stay a second night in Nagarkot. We were very thankful. The ride at night along the winding road from Chitwan to Kathmandu and Nagarkot was quite an adventure and the diesel fumes almost did me in. Thank goodness for the superb driver!--who safely navigated the traffic mess. Club Himalaya was beautiful and our stay at Nagarkot was perfect. It was a beautiful place with extraordinary views. The hike was great (although I had a bit of a hard time on the uphills). Chang Narayan was beautiful and Bhaktipur was awesome! Nepal has such beautiful treasures. I would definitely return to these places and would love to explore other areas as well. Thanks for a great trip. Our travels in Tibet and Thailand were awesome. This was a wonderful experience and I appreciate your help on the Nepal leg.

Judy Henry

Trip: Explore Nepal