A big shout out goes to Third Eye Travel for their expertise in devising a very custom itinerary to Ladakh and Kashmir this past summer and to Cambodia last month.  Third Eye are experts at small group/independent travel to especially remote areas.  They have been doing this for quite some time.    We are seasoned travellers to remote places and usually travel independently and book our own arrangements.  However, there are just some places and times that you need some expert help and advice.  Perhaps the area is volatile, or your plans are very tightly constrained to a short time frame.  Or maybe you are "lazy," want some hand-holding, and you want  to just show up.  

Arun Dali at Third Eye was awesome to work with!  He patiently and efficiently included all the sights and activities that we wanted to see in the time we had to travel.  He made great suggestions and devised detailed but geographically and chronologically intelligent plans that covered a great deal efficiently but thoroughly.  His local agents, drivers, and guides were reliable, knowledgeable, and patient, especially in Ladakh.  

Our trip was adjusted last minute to accommodate some highlights:  we are still amazed that we got to see the Dalai Lama up close during his prayer service in the Nubra Valley and to witness another very special celebration at Lamayuru monastery!  I highly recommend Third Eye for their expertise in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Tibet, and the Himalayan region.  Their itineraries are excellent, and their prices fair.  They had no problems with me booking flights or certain hotels independently to mesh with the portions that they arranged, or with very last minute requests.  They communicate well, and I couldn't have been more pleased with these trips of a lifetime!

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Judy O'Young
Oakland, CA

Trip Date: January, 2018