Got along very well.



The Three Himalayan Kingdoms trip was fantastic! Not only was each country amazing, but the planning, schedule, itineraries and accommodations were great.


Actually, I was a bit surprised at how good the accommodations were. I was expecting a bit more rustic than what most of the places were.The group of 10 was an ideal size to travel with, and we all got along very well with each other.


The guides we had were very knowledgeable and informative, but if I were to look for something to criticize, it would be our Tibetan guide's English. I think the knowledge he had was valuable, but somewhat difficult for us to understand or to question. Again, I thank you for making this whole adventure possible for me, and I look forward to being on another Third Eye Travel trip soon.




Edward Schultz
Portland, ME

Trip: Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan
Trip Date: April, 2013