Private Sumatra & Borneo Orangutan Trip

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YES!! My spouse and I have traveled with Third Eye Travel on 4 different trips now: Myanmar & Laos; Bali, Lombok & Java; Sri Lanka; and lastly in Sept 2018 to Sumatra & Borneo, which was arranged specifically just for the two of us. Myanmar & Laos was also arranged to our specifications. In each instance, the accommodations either met or exceeded our expectations for those areas of the world--all were pleasant, clean and comfortable--some were even luxurious!

On each tour we had multiple guides and drivers, and logistics were flawless, our contacts punctual. Arun, the owner is a fantastic person with whom to work, and my husband and I enjoy his personal attention to every aspect of our tours. The company is a small one located in California, and because it does not work through a middle man, or send out glossy brochures, it can offer tours at very reasonable prices compared to the large travel companies.

Additionally, Arun is always available to answer my questions, even when he is traveling in Nepal, India, Kenya, or other parts of the world. I cannot recommend Third Eye Travel highly enough!! And I totally agree with another evaluation that stated, "you are treated like family." In fact, Arun actually came to see us for lunch when we was visiting in our state in 2018. Truly amazing!!! Book your trips with Third Eye. You will not go wrong, and you will come to appreciate the personal touch of Arun and his company just as we have!!

Jim & Carol Hodgson
De Pere, WI

Trip Date: September, 2018