India Customized



We had a great trip.  We all really enjoyed our visit to India and found the people so warm and hospitable. My favorite place was Jaipur!  We have many, many good memories!!!


The guides (PV, and Luv), our bus driver (Kailass), and the office staff (Kamal) in  India were exceptional!!  They were very accommodating, informative, attentive, and so friendly.  Also, they were very punctual.  We always felt happy and safe and very well taken care of!  The extra service that my husband really appreciated was the bus driver taking our luggage for us when were traveling by train and airplane.  It was so terrific to not carry those big suitcases to the train station and the airport.


Arun, thank you for assisting us in preparing for this trip.  You were very prompt in responding to us and our itinerary was good.  


Thanks again,



Jill Huddleston x group
Phoenix, AZ

Trip Date: March, 2018