Third Eye Travel took care of 2 parts of our October-November India-Nepal 2012 trip. First they worked with 21 Habitat for Humanity team members and coordinated flight arrangements so that with many individual itinerary variations we all could mesh in Nepal for our 2 week Habitat build.  


They answered countless questions, provided important background information, and seamlessly ticketed all to coordinate nicely in Nepal. My husband and I travel a lot and we always book our own tips, but going to this part of the world is much more complicated and the help of Third Eye Travel was invaluable.


The second part of the trip that they coordinated was a week long tour in India. They customized an itinerary to suit our particular interests and everything was more than we could have dreamed of. Our main guide was fun, fascinating and kept things moving along flawlessly. Mr. Bodoni, the owner of the travel agency in India they booked with, was a wonderful, classy man, who met us personally at the airport, and oversaw many of the arrangements as well as spending a lot of time with us, and teaching us a lot about his culture.  


A big thanks to Usha, and to Arun at Third Eye Travel. You put together a great experience so 10 of us could discover Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Varanasi: all quite amazing and wonderful sightseeing and cultural experiences.


This part of the world is not easy to navigate on your own and you made it all possible, fun, and, affordable. We appreciated your patience, attention to detail, knowledge and wisdom in crafting a truly memorable trip for us.   

Ann Willis
Yakima, WA

Trip Date: October, 2012