Myanmar Explorer

Myanmar is a great travel destination even for a budget traveller. I normally don't take tours but I really enjoyed the one offered by Arun Dali through Third Eye Travel

We saw a lot, ate a lot, shopped a lot (and even for the nonshopper, the local shops had educational tours ... pressure free) and were pretty much happy a lot.

The resorts and hotels that we lodged at were comfortable and of great value. We also had a different tour guide for each place we visited. Each guide had a particular strength that stood out that made our experience very diverse. One guide was keen on Buddhism, another with local night market food and yet another with history. They were all helpful and patient going out of their way to take us to local eateries and handicraft shops of our choosing.

The sites were also worthwhile particularly the temples at Bagan and the traditional fishing at Inle lake.

Our only complaint was that some of the resorts were a bit far away from the cities and that the dinner options were often limited to the hotel. But even within many of the cities, there still weren't many eateries to choose from and not many street lamps to see where you going. The hotel food was still good though with some Myanmar curries.

In summary, Myanmar is a great memorable destination for all travelers interested in Asia.

Kyle Knutson
Sacramento, CA

Trip: Explore Myanmar
Trip Date: August, 2015