Excellent Service

My wife, Elizabeth Loeb,  and I recently had the pleasure of using your services in Bhutan and I wanted to let you know how pleased we are.  


Your Tschering Pem is an unsuually competent guide. Perhaps what distinguishes her was her comprehensive awarness of our culture as she shared her culture with us. Her attention to small details was also remarkable.  


What I am trying to say is Mrs. Pem really took care of us and helped us get a sense of the beauty of Bhutan and the Bhutanese people. she seemed to be intuitively aware of our needs and wishes to explore and understand her country. She performed an excellent service.   Furthermore,  she seems to possess the ability to chose exceptional staff. The driver she chose was unusually steady and safe. He demeanor and skill were quite comforting as we traversed some of the Bhutan's roads.  


We were genuinely pleased that you put us with someone so warm, professional and pleasing to be with. Tschering Pem is a gem. Thank you.  



Henry Doctor
Washington, D.C.

Trip: Cultural And Scenic Tour of Bhutan
Trip Date: January