Tibet, Nepal & Bhutan

Dear Arun,    


The trip was very successful and it was very enjoyable.  


TIBET: - Tenzin, out Tibet tour guide, was one of the best guides we have ever had. The driver, Tenzin, was also very good. All of the Tibet tours were very interesting and enjoyable. - The Snow Leopard Guest House was very basic, as you warned us, and we realized that it was necessary to travel overland from Tibet to Nepal. Thank you for warning us about this in the information you provided.  


NEPAL: -  The Hotel Heritage in Bhaktapur was fantastic and provided optimum accommodations, hospitality, service and food. It was the best hotel atmosphere we encountered during the tour. - The tours in Nepal went well and were enjoyable.  


BHUTAN: - Dorji, our Bhutan tour guide was superb, as was our driver, Yea Shay. The tours in Bhutan were very enjoyable. - The Taksang Monastery (Tigress Lair / Nest) was very enjoyable and one of the most interesting sites we visited. Your information stated that we would hike to view the spectacular Taktsang Monastery. We hiked to the Monastery and we are glad that we did.


You may want to note in your information that it is an approximate 5 + hour hike, round trip with considerable steps. This was one of the most interesting places visited on our tour and we are glad we made the hike to see it.   We hope these comment will be helpful. We thought that the total tour was fantastic.  



Anna Maria & Jim Delker
Herndon, VA

Trip: Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan
Trip Date: September, 2013