Highlights of Peru

Hi Arun,  

Sorry for my late response. It takes a while for life to get back to semi normal after traveling.  Kaya and I loved our trip to Peru. What an amazing country, culture, history, people, food.... We enjoyed every minute of it including my altitude sickness.

Our trip was so short I had no time to slowly get used to it. Kaya was in so much better shape.  Our accommodations were great. All hotels were very neat, very clean with very friendly staff. We really enjoyed our guides specially Raul. He was so passionate and knowledgeable about his country's history.  Thank you so much for including Lake Titicaca. I had no idea that Uros Islands did exist and experiencing them was truly special.  

We met amazing people along the way. Travelers from all around the world. Created new friendships.  Thank you so much Arun.  Very grateful travellers,  

Magdalena Slawecka
N Brooklyn, NY

Trip Date: April, 2016