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Never has a trip been more complicated than the one we took to Bhutan this winter -- and Arun Dali and Third Eye Travel handled everything with good humor and great caring.


We were two families going to visit our sons who had been working in the Kingdom of Bhutan.   We had to change our trip THREE times -- twice because of a family emergency and then because of a lengthy international flight delay. The other family got stuck for 3 days at Heathrow on their way to Asia. Endless texts/phone calls/emails for all these plan changes, and yet the trip, once we all got there, went totally smoothly, and Arun wasn't even cranky about all the difficulties!


Our guide and driver were delightful -- and they too were flexible (our sons had some ideas to add to our itinerary -- no problem!) and also caring (even going out of their way to take our sons and all their stuff to the cab stand and make sure they got a proper taxi driver when they were leaving, overland, for India).


As the story in the April 16 Wall St. Journal suggests, with Bhutan seeking to increase tourism dramatically, now is the time to go.Third Eye Travel can make your arrangements!        


One thing I would suggest about a trip to Bhutan: ask that the local tour company provide a van with SEAT BELTS (the vans are modern, so they surely came equipped with seat belts but seem to have been removed). Not only is it that the roads are curvier than anywhere you've ever been -- but you BOUNCE up and down, and seat belts would help. (How BOUNCY are the roads? I wear a step counter -- I wasn't WALKING but the step counter was going nuts, counting my bounces!) But this is definitely a place that should be on your bucket list -- the people are beyond friendly, the scenery is incredible, and the Bhutanese at least really seem to be a contented people. (They officially measure "gross national happiness.") That doesn't mean there aren't "political" issues there -- we aren't the only country that can be most unkind to "others," to immigrants -- but those don't affect you as a tourist.

Marsha Cohen
San Francisco, CA

Trip: Bhutan for Seniors
Trip Date: January, 2011