Gangkar Puensum Trek 19 days

 Trekking through the northern regions of Bumthang valley will bring you at the foot of the majestic Mount Gangkar Puensum, Bhutan’s highest mountain. At 24,741 feet, this ice-draped giant is the highest unclimbed peak in the world (and will remain so, since the Bhutanese declared it off limits to climbers).

This exhilarating 10 days trek through soaring spruce forests and up over High Mountain passes festooned with Buddhist prayer flags. En rout,e you will witness the best of Bhutan’s Himalayan grandeur, meet the farmers and yak herding families of the highlands, and admire the way this tiny independent kingdom has so successfully preserved its environment and its thriving Buddhist culture.

The trek begins on an old footpath  and continue steadily up from subtropical valleys to misty alpine forests with eye – popping Himalayan views. The highest campsite is at 13,300 feet. Fabulous displays of wildflowers will add dazzle to the already breathtaking scenery.