The Best Trekking Destinations in Leh and Ladakh

A high-altitude desert with a fragile environment, Ladakh is perched far away in the Himalaya’s embrace. The barren beauty of Ladakh has attracted dauntless travelers from across the world and is one of the most preferred abodes for mountaineering and trekking enthusiasts.

With hilly landscape, soaring peaks and rocky cliffs, Ladakh, or the ‘land of the passes’ is a magnificent trekking destination and forms integral part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

To give you a fair idea, the altitude in Ladakh region ranges from 2,750 to 7,672 meters above sea level, and that makes Ladakh an amazing travel and trekking destination.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular treks in Leh and Ladakh:

Chadar Trek

– Duration: 10-20 days
– Difficulty: Challenging
– Altitude: 3850 meters

Chadar Trek Leh and Ladakh

Ever wondered what it feels to trek over a frozen river?

Zanskar, the mighty river flowing through Leh and Ladakh gets frozen when the temperature drops to sub-zero levels. And that makes for one hell of a challenge for trekkers. Each year, between the months of January and February, the route is opened for adventure seekers.

Markha Valley Trek

– Duration: 8-9 days
– Difficulty: Moderate
– Altitude: 3700 meters

Markha Valley Trek is a popular trekking trail in Leh Ladakh lasting about 8 days. The trek takes one through varying landscapes and green hideaways, and is a wonderful opportunity to acquaint with the warm-hearted Ladakhi people.

The beautiful route traverses through numerous quaint hamlets, passes and shepherd camps and the months between June and October are ideally the best for this trek.


Lamayuru to Darcha Trek

– Duration: 18-20 days
– Difficulty: Moderate
– Altitude: 5000 meters

This is easily one of the most talked about treks in Leh Ladakh Valley and connects Ladakh to the equally mesmerizing Zanskar Valley. The trek commences from Lamayuru Monastery and while on the trail, one comes across numerous monasteries scattered around a number of villages.

Spituk to Stok Trek

– Duration: 3-4 days
– Difficulty: Moderate
– Altitude: 4900 meters

If you’re just beginning with trekking, Spituk to Stok is one of the most ideal trekking trails in Ladakh. It’s relatively shorter than other treks and much easier too. This particular trek also passes via Hemis National Park, making it an ideal trek for wildlife lovers.

With the beautiful mountains and valleys of Ladakh beckoning you, get into the spirit of adventure. The mystical land of wonders promises you unmatched beauty and an adrenaline rush like never before.

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