Bhutan also known locally as DRUKYUL (Land of Thunder Dragon) has remained sequestered from the rest of the world in its pristine state, unspoiled by outside influences. Bordered by China (Tibet) in the North and by India in the south, the kingdom of the Lost Horizon opened its door to tourism only in 1974, since then the number of visitors to Bhutan has steadily increased. Bhutan is endowed with breathtaking natural beauty, surrounded by sacred mountains, virgin peaks and holy lakes.1 ..[Read More]
cultural-scenic-tour-bhutan This trip is designed to show you more of this fascinating land and her people, untouched by outside world. The trip allows you to get a more “hands on” experience of Bhutan. You begin your tour with a flight to Paro enjoying spectacular views of snow capped mountains as you approach Paro. Take a scenic drive to Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan and take some tour in and around Thimpu. Continue to Punakha through Dorchu La Passwhich offers panoramic views of .. [Read More]
thimpu-tangbi-mani-fest Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan and probably the only capital city that has no traffic lights. During the fall season, Thimphu residents celebrate their annual spiritual festival that over the years have grown to one of the most popular festivals of Bhutan. It was once a small village festival and gradually gained popularity as Thimphu grew and became the capital city. Like other festivals in Bhutan, it commemorates the deeds of the Tantric master Padmasambhava. People from all corners .. [Read More]
jambay-lakhan-festival Bumthang is locally known as Jambay Lhakhang Drub. This festival is held in the picturesque valley of Bumthang in central Bhutan. It gained its popularity from the visits of tourists in the recent years due to favorable weather. In addition to the mask dances, Jambay Lhakhang built in the year 659 is known for its two special events that is “Mewang" (Fire blessing ceremony). During the fire blessing, locals run underneath a huge flaming gate made out of dry grasses with .. [Read More]
paro-festival Spring is one of the best times to visit Bhutan, when rhododendron, Magnoliaand many other spring flowers are blooming and various rare bird species are encountered. Join with the local inhabitants of Paro to celebrate the spring festival, one of the most popular festivals in Bhutan. Monks, as well as laymen dressed in brilliant costumes and wearing masks of both wrathful as well as peaceful deities re-enact the legends and history of Buddhism in the Dragon Kingdom. The festival culminates in .. [Read More]