Bangladesh- the land of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Nature has bestowed Bangladesh with all the beautiful shades of green. This large delta rises from the Bay of Bengal and goes up to the footsteps of the great Himalayas. Begin your tour by visiting the hustling and bustling capital city of Bangladesh. Continue to Tangail and visit school, experience the local rural lifestyle, natural dyeing process in the village. Continue to Srimongol and visit Lawacherra Forest and Tribal village. Return to Dhaka, .. [Read More]
This 11 days Cultural & Heritage tour of Bangladesh, not only provides you the opportunity to experience the daily life, culture and heritage of the people in Bangladesh, you also get a great opportunity to see the countryside, rural tribe and Sundarbans Forest closely. Begin your tour in Dhaka, the hustling and bustling capital of Bangladesh. Take a steamer to Mongla enjoying the countryside along the river ways. Take an excursion to Sundarbans forest, one of the world heritage sites. Continue .. [Read More]